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Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois Sales
Owner/Trainer: Dominic Rozzi

Meet Dominic Rozzi

During my 35 years of law enforcement, I worked specifically with the malinois breed. Early on, I realized this breed was as versatile as any I have worked with. Initially, I got involved with the malinois to help bring an alternative breed. I have competed and trained in all major dog sports while training and breeding dogs to do the same. I have supplied dogs for police work, search and rescue for single purpose detection from drugs, explosives, human odor, wounded game and antler sheds. My facility is a small, one-man operation and I plan to keep it that way. Keeping the numbers down ensures the quality and integrity of what I enjoy doing.

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Northeast Protection Sports PSA

Northeast Protection Sports is a small dedicated group of dog enthusiasts that train in surprise scenarios dog sports. The group primarily trains and competes in PSA, contact us for training dates and locations, and any other information about PSA and any other of our services.

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What Clients Say Recent reviews

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dominic Rozzi for the last 25 years. For many years I have turned to Dominic for puppies for my training program. Dominic is someone I trust for his knowledge of dog breeding and training. Dominic is now a valued member of my North Edge K9 team training Military Veterans with PTSD dogs. He also shares his vast knowledge of PSA training, as a past judge and competitor. I am honored to work with Dominic and highly recommend his services.

Christian E. Stickney
Co-Owner/President, North Edge K9

I have two dogs from Dominic-one was bought as a pup and the other was an older female no longer used for breeding. They are our hiking and family companions. When we went to visit the pups and the adults, what we saw were strong and confident dogs with a lot socializing. The care they get along with good breeding are evident. From day one, they have been confident everywhere we take them. I would recommend Dominic to anyone looking for a pup or adult.

David Carter